Sun. May 26th, 2024

A US Army officer named Harrison Mann has resigned to protest Washington’s support for Israel’s barbaric attacks on Gaza. He is an officer in the US military’s Defense Intelligence Agency. News from The Washington Post.

Israel has been carrying out brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip for more than seven months. There, Tel Aviv has killed thousands of civilian women and children in Gaza in violation of global war policy. And the United States has supported it.

Protesting this support, Harrison wrote in his resignation letter published on the social networking site LinkedIn, that the unconditional support of the United States to Israel has contributed to the killing and starvation of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

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Noting that his work in the military undoubtedly contributed to that support, he wrote, it caused him incredible shame and guilt.

He also complained that the conflict in Gaza is in danger of prolonging due to such unyielding support of the US administration.

This is not the first time the resignation has been blamed on US involvement in the Israeli massacre in Gaza. Earlier last month, Hala Raharit, the Arabic language spokesperson of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, resigned in opposition to the US’s Gaza policy. He himself confirmed his resignation on LinkedIn at the time.



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