Sun. May 26th, 2024

Before the US presidential election, Republican Party candidate Donald Trump is ahead in five important ‘battleground’ states or swing states. If polls conducted before an election show that neither party has a clear lead in a state, that state is designated as a swing state. This picture has emerged in a recent new survey.

According to a New York Times and Siena College poll, former President Donald Trump is more popular than current US President Joe Biden. The Philadelphia Inquirer was associated with this survey. It shows that current President Joe Biden has lost the support of young and non-white voters. Many voters may turn away from Biden’s stance on the country’s economy and the Gaza situation.

The poll shows Trump leading in five of six battleground states among registered voters directly competing with Biden. These are Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Biden only leads in Wisconsin among registered voters.

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There were glimpses of a close contest between the two among the swinging electorate. In this case, Trump is ahead in five states. Biden leads in Michigan. On the other hand, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are behind by a small margin. Earlier, Biden won six states in the 2020 presidential election. If he can win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin this time, that’s enough for him.

Polls of candidates other than Trump and Biden showed similar results. The other candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., received 10 percent of the vote in six states.

Similar results were found in previous November polls by The Times and Siena College. Since then, however, the landscape of American politics has changed a lot. Criminal trial against former US President Donald Trump has begun in Manhattan. Billions of dollars are being spent on Biden’s campaign. Biden is making all kinds of efforts to win the hearts of voters in these battleground states. However, such a move did not show any improvement of Biden or major loss of Trump. Instead, people’s cost of living, immigration, Israel’s attack on Gaza and the desire for change are more reflected in the survey.

After Biden’s State of the Union address last March, Biden’s popularity suddenly increased. However, he is still chasing Trump in battleground and other states.

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Polls show that Americans doubt whether Joe Biden can make a big difference in their lives. There is dissatisfaction among the citizens. Many voters are hoping that everything will be normal as promised by Biden before his last campaign. But voters in the battleground state are waiting for change. Nearly 70 percent of voters polled said the country needed major political and economic changes.

Only 13 percent of Biden’s supporters think Biden can make major changes if he gets a second term in office. On the other hand, those who dislike Trump are reluctant to admit that Trump can shake things up.

Young, black and Hispanic voters also believe that Biden can’t do much to change the nation’s fortunes. These three parties have spoken of major changes in American society. Trump and Biden are tied in popularity among the nation’s 18- to 29-year-old Hispanic voters. However, in 2020, 60 percent of their votes went to Biden. In addition, Trump received more than 20 percent of the black vote.



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