Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

The association of State Treasury Inspectors (Ihe) warns of the danger posed by the creation of an independent tax administration for Catalonia. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in his meeting with the head of the Catalan Executive, Pere Aragonès, warning that The division of the Tax Agency (AEAT) could even affect the fight against tax fraud.

In the basic lines of the Association, which were announced at its Annual Congress two months ago, the Treasury inspectors maintain that the division of the Tax Agency would attack the “violation of tax principles, mainly generality, economic capacity “. mica, equality, justice and tax efficiency.”

In the meeting that was held this past Thursday, Sánchez with Aragonès, the President of the Government rejected the self-determination referendum demanded by the independentists, but proposed an agreement so that Catalonia would have more self-government.

In this sense, he was asked about the possibility of addressing a fiscal pact, although he responded that he would not use that specific term, but recalled that the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia includes the option of developing a Catalan Tax Agency.

And one of the demands of the pro-independence groups involves the collection of one hundred percent of taxes, as a special regime similar to that of the Basque Country and Navarra, and unique financing for Catalonia, although, after the meeting he had with Aragonès, Sánchez opted for multilateralism in the reform of the regional financing system.

Fight against tax fraud

In the Association’s guidelines document, the Treasury inspectors warn of the consequences of the fragmentation of the Tax Agency in the management and collection of taxes, in the fight against tax fraud and in its function as the backbone body of certain services. udas. social of the State.

In this sense, the inspectors point out that the Tax Agency also exercises other functions, such as those related to the management of other benefits, unrelated to the tax field, such as deductions in personal income tax, aid for working mothers or those intended for families. . numerous, or others such as the allocation in diesel or the management of the vital minimum.

“The challenge of creating a fractional Tax Administration entails the transfer of certain red lines that put a challenge to the effectiveness of the management of the tax system, potentially leading to general inequalities in its application resulting from inefficient management,” they warn.

Tax information system

In this way, the tax information system would be affected, “which must be unique for the entire territory in order to guarantee its application, since the fight against tax fraud is based on having a unified tax information system that is as widely possible.”

On the other hand, Treasury inspectors point out that the need for a single cash system “would also be affected.” “The management and control of withholdings and installment payments must be carried out by the Tax Agency, regardless of the percentage of collection transfer that is transferred to each community,” they add.

And this, as they specify, would entail a “great risk” in the management of withholdings, which “must be carried out in an integrated manner by the Tax Agency, as well as for the control system of economic activities, which must be integrated in nature.” “. “.


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