Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

As Donald Trump was found guilty in the case of bribing porn star Stormy Daniels, supporters are divided about voting for him in the next election. The information that appeared in the international media. Many say never vote for a criminal if Trump is convicted.

Former US President Donald Trump bribed porn star Stormy Daniels with $130,000 to keep her mouth shut to keep the sex scandal a secret. Trump was found guilty in that case on Thursday (May 30). What will be the future of the former US president in the judgment given by the court? There are many speculations about this now.

As Trump has been found guilty, voters are divided about voting for him in the next election. Not only what the general voters are thinking, but also among the workers-supporters of the Republican party, there is a dilemma about supporting Trump. The US media has published such news.

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The BBC spoke to supporters of Trump’s party and ordinary voters after the verdict. That’s where the dilemma of supporting Trump comes in. Many who said they would support Trump say the former US president would never support a convicted felon. Again, many supporters said that these are conspiracies against Trump.

The judge will announce the official verdict of this case on July 11. There are many discussions about whether he should go to jail or if he can get away with a fine.

Judges are expected to consider Trump’s former presidency and current presidential candidacy in sentencing. But whatever the sentence is, it will no doubt have some impact on the upcoming US presidential election.

However, it is not only the fear of influence in the polling field that has already reduced the amount of Trump’s wealth. Shares of one of his companies fell on Friday. Shares of the company named Trump Media and Technology Group fell 5.3 percent.



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