Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Many people including stars, players and ordinary people are writing ‘All eyes on Rafah’ on social media to protest the Israeli aggression in Rafah, Gaza. All Eyes on Rafah is basically protesting the killing of 45 civilians by Israeli airstrikes in the Rafah refugee camp. Israel has also launched a counter-campaign in response to this movement on social media worldwide.

In a report on Thursday (May 30), NDTV reported that a photo created by AI of the Hamas attack on Israeli territory on October 7 last year was shared on X on social media. A Hamas fighter with a gun stands in front of a child.

The photo was shared from the official page of the Israeli government. The caption of the picture reads, ‘We will never stop talking about October 7. We will not stop fighting until the hostages are freed.’

Basically, people from all over the world are posting in support of the Palestinians who have taken refuge in Rafah in the war-torn Gaza Strip, where it is mentioned that ‘All eyes on Rafah’.

According to international media reports, 45 people, including women and children, were killed in Israel’s attack on the Rafah refugee camp in Southern Gaza last Sunday night. After such an attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the attack on Rafah was a “tragic accident”.

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Initially, the Israeli army claimed that a successful operation was carried out on the base of Hamas. In which several Hamas commanders were killed. But as soon as the information about the attack on the refugee camp came out, the world was condemned. And since then, ‘All eyes on Rafah’ has been trending.

The photo was initially shared through Instagram’s Stories feature. Among those who have shared it are many influential athletes and celebrities, including ‘Bridgerton’ star Nicola Coughlan, singer-songwriter Kehlani and popular Indian actor Varun Dhawan.

Despite Meta’s efforts to limit the spread of political content on its platforms, Instagram has become an important medium for Palestinian journalists and Palestinian supporters in recent months.

While the “All Eyes on Rafah” image is spreading rapidly, many videos posted by Palestinian journalists from Rafah have been restricted and, in some cases, graphic images of Israeli attacks have been removed from social media as “violent” or “sensitive,” according to NBC.



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