Tue. May 21st, 2024

Former US President Donald Trump has adopted a detailed plan for a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine conflict. But he does not want to reveal the plan before the presidential election in November. He will fight against President Joe Biden for the Republican Party in this election.

A source close to Trump, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Daily Telegraph about the plan. The Russian state news agency TASS has also published this news with reference to this British newspaper.

Regarding the Ukraine war, the source said, “There are plans for this. However, he (Trump) is not going to participate in the televised debate. Because then you will lose all influence over it.’

According to the source, Trump wants to give a simple message rather than win the hearts of US voters. And that is that he will end this war.

Earlier in an interview given to Time in late April, Trump said that he would not give any more aid to Ukraine if Europe did not increase spending.

Meanwhile, according to a Reuters report, Trump’s campaign team and the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised more than $76 million in April. They said this yesterday Saturday.

Of this, small donors provided more than half of the funding. Trump campaign officials see fundraising from smaller donors as a positive.

Earlier in March, more than 650 million dollars were collected by the campaign team of the Republican presidential candidate and the RNC.



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