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Quick and tasty appetizers for the New Year: 5 canape recipes from the chef

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Simple ideas for the Christmas table that you can prepare.

Every year, on the eve of the New Year holidays, we all ask ourselves the same questions: “what to give?”, “where to celebrate?”. and “what to cook?” The latter is where the most problems arise, because every time you want to cook something new and unusual.

Chef, expert at “Ferma” coffee at City Farm in VDNKh

“I will tell you simple but delicious recipes for canapes that will become a bright decoration for the New Year’s table.”

Canapés with salmon and cream cheese

Cut the toasted bread into small squares. Then spread cream cheese on each piece and top with a slice of salmon. You can decorate with capers or pickled red onions.

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Canapés with olives and feta cheese

Cut the toast or pita bread into pieces. Place feta cheese cubes on top of the slices and top with olives. Season the canapés with Provencal herbs and serve with a drizzle of honey.

Canapes with shrimp and lemon

Prepare pieces of bread, cut the lemon into thin slices, chop the onion, garlic and thawed shrimp. Next, mix the shrimp with the onion and garlic. Assemble the canapés in the following order: bread, shrimp, lemon. Top with a sprig of dill.


Canapés with chicken and mustard

Cut the rye bread into slices and spread with grainy mustard. Top with a piece of smoked brisket and half a pickle.

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Canapés with mushrooms and caramelized onion

First, caramelize the onions: cut them into feathers and fry them with a couple of drops of honey until they are shiny. Then brown the mushrooms in a hot pan. Mix the cream cheese with the caramelized onions and spread the mixture over the bruschetta. Place the fried mushrooms on top and decorate with parsley.


These simple recipes will be the perfect complement to your New Year’s table. Canapés will delight guests as a snack or as a pleasant complement to drinks. Don’t forget to store prepared dishes in the refrigerator or under plastic wrap. Happy new year!

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