Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli gave an interview to local radio station Cannes Broadcaster four days before the first round of parliamentary elections in France earlier this month.In the interview, he commented on the French election and said, “It would be great if Marine Le Pen (leader of the far-right party National Rally) became the president of France.”

He also said that at least 10 arguments can be given for this. If he becomes president, it will be good for the state of Israel. I think Netanyahu and I are the same in this regard.

On June 30, the first phase of the parliamentary elections was held in France. Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally won the first round. The second phase of voting was held on July 7.

The left-wing coalition New Popular Front (NFP) won the second round of voting. But no party got the majority in the second round of voting. As a result, a hung parliament is going to be formed.

Last Tuesday (July 9), Axios reported that Macron called Netanyahu the day after the interview with Israeli Minister Amichai Chikli. He called and said,

Amichai Chikli’s statement is totally unacceptable and amounts to election interference.

According to reports, Netanyahu assured Macron that he had ordered all his ministers to refrain from commenting on the French election.

Marine Le Pen is known as a hard-right politician in France. His party National Rally has always been vocal against Muslim immigration. The current head of the National Rally, Jordan Bardela, is Le Pen’s confidant and confidant.

In an interview last month, Bardela said that his party is absolutely not in favor of recognizing Palestine. National Rally believes that recognizing Palestine and recognizing terrorism is the same thing.



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