Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

This information was given in the report of the American media CNBC.

George Clooney said on Wednesday (July 10) that the president has won many battles in his career. But he could not win a fight. And that is a fight against time.

Clooney wrote in the opinion section of The New York Times,

I love Joe Biden as a Senator, Vice President and President. I also consider him a friend. I have faith in him.

But Clooney noted that the Biden he saw at the June 15 fundraiser was not the Biden of 2010, or even the Biden of 2020.

“Biden is the same man we all saw in the election debates (June 27),” he said. It’s an age thing. We cannot win the November election with this president.

Meanwhile, just a few hours before Clooney, senior Democrat and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Biden to make a quick decision about his candidacy for the election.

Nancy said it was up to the president to decide whether to step down. But after last month’s disastrous election debate, we are asking him to decide on a candidacy. Because there is not much time.

Democratic leader Joe Biden and Republican leader Donald Trump participated in the US election debate on June 27. After Biden’s plunge into the debate, discussions began about his age and how fit he is for the next US election. Even members of Biden’s own party, the Democratic Party, are now questioning whether Joe Biden really is just a little too old.



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