Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

George Clooney, a Hollywood actor and one of the donors to the Democrats, asked Joe Biden to withdraw from the 60th US presidential election to be held next November. The Hollywood actor, a self-proclaimed lifelong Democrat, raised a large sum of money for Biden’s election just last month. News, BBC.

Clooney said that despite winning several battles during his four years as president, he no longer can fight age. He also clarified that Biden will not be able to win the next election. And so Clooney urged the 81-year-old leader to step down. Demands for Biden to step down have been growing since June 27, when he got into a TV debate with rival Donald Trump. Many Democratic leaders are now looking for a new candidate.

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“I love Joe Biden as a senator, vice president, and president,” wrote the Hollywood actor in an opinion piece in The New York Times. I also consider him a friend. I have faith in him. But Clooney noted that the Biden he saw at the June 15 fundraiser was not the Biden of 2010 or even the Biden of 2020. “Biden is the same man we all saw in the June 27 election debate,” he said. It’s an age thing. I don’t think we can win the November election with this president.

Note that since losing the election debate, Biden has come under severe criticism in the last few days. He is not able to reduce the concerns of the Democrats even after trying in various ways. Therefore, the call for him to withdraw from the election race is getting stronger from within the party.



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