Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

After reaching Saudi Arabia, Sarhouda was warmly welcomed by local officials. Besides, Saudi Airlines specially celebrated the arrival of Sarhouda as the oldest Hajj pilgrim. Because Sarhouda went to Hajj on Saudi Airlines.

Saudia Group also shared this information from their official X account.

Al-Arabiya media reported that the tenacity of this elderly woman in performing Hajj impressed everyone. His pilgrimage was also praised on social media.

Meanwhile, when discussing the oldest Hajj pilgrim, at the same time that a child Hajj pilgrim named Yahya Muhammad Ramadan died after “falling from the roof” in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, several Middle East-based media reported. This time Yahya was supposed to perform Hajj with his parents.

Gulf News reported on Wednesday (June 12) that Yahya Mohammad Ramadan is the youngest pilgrim to die this year’s Hajj season. His home is in Kafr Al Sheikh province of Egypt. However, his father lives in Saudi Arabia due to work.

A few days ago, Yahya’s mother also posted a picture of Yahya wearing Ihram on social media, which caught the attention of netizens. Later the picture went viral on social media.



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