Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Once again the father is Elon Musk of Tesla-SpaceX, one of the richest people in the world. Earlier this year, Elon Musk and Sivan Gillis welcomed their third child. 52-year-old Elon Musk became a father for the 12th time.

According to international media reports, this child was born in the womb of Sivan Gilles, an official of Musk’s company Neuralink. Before this, Musk’s twin children were born in her womb.

Around 2021, Musk started a relationship with the manager of his company, Neurolink, Shivan Gillis. Twins (boy and girl) were born in their house. At that time both Elon Musk and Gillis kept the news hidden. It is later revealed that one of the twins is named Strider and the other Azure. However, the name of the couple’s third child is yet to be known.

Elon Musk has been married twice before. His ex-wife is Canadian writer Justine Wilson. Musk-Wilson married from 2000-2008. They have twins Vivian and Griffin, 20, and triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian, 18. Musk’s first child, Nevada Alexander, was born in 2002. However, he died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) at the age of 10 weeks.

In 2018, Musk got involved in a romantic relationship with Grimes. Their son XX XII was born in May 2021. A year later, their daughter Exa Dirk Siderel was born via surrogate. The Musk-Grimes romance ended in 2022, according to Isaacson’s biography of Elon. They have another son named Techno Mechanicus in their house.

In September 2023, Grimes wrote on X (ex-Twitter) that he wanted to show off how cool his little techno is. But her priority now is to keep her children out of the public eye. He urged them to respect their privacy.



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