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There is only one obstacle left. The superfight between Bivol and Beterbiev is one step closer

December 25, 2023, 10:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Next year, the Russians will be able to compete for the title of absolute world champion.

In recent years, the desire to see a head-to-head fight between the two best light heavyweights in Russia and the world, Dmitry Bivol and Artur Beterbiev, has been actively discussed. According to rumors, they already tried to arrange this fight, but there were too many delays that interfered with the matter.

During this time, Bivol has already defended the WBA champion belt 11 times (five times the title of regular champion and six times the WBA Super title), and also added to this the not very prestigious IBO title. Beterbiev, in turn, has accumulated every other belt since 2017: first he took the IBF title, then a couple of years later he combined it with the WBC belt, and last year he also took the the OMB. It would seem that the safest option is to fight for the title of absolute world champion. This is the case when the Russian struggle will be interesting not only for our country, but also for the whole world.

Not long ago information appeared that Saudi Arabia was ready to resolve all organizational issues and organize a super fight. The only condition is that both achieve victories over their rivals. Bivol was scheduled to fight Lyndon Arthur, and Beterbiev will fight Callum Smith in January. In this context, Arthur even talked a little trash: “I think Bivol has more excuses. I think they are doing the wrong thing. I should not and will not run after them. I’m tired of this. We have three belts, we only need one. And who needs three at once, this is for him. And everything they say is nonsense. They are playing with people’s minds. The purely sporting component is who is interested in someone becoming an absolute world champion. “I’m tired of talking about it.”

Details of Bivol’s victory over Arthur:

The Massacre of King Arthur. Bivol declassed the British and put him on his knees

The conversations did not end there, Beterbiev also criticized Bivol’s choice of opponent: “Dmitry chooses his opponents, almost all his fights are voluntary defense. I don’t even know if he had a mandatory fight to defend the belt?! These options are probably possible in the WBA. But when I won the WBO championship belt, for example, I immediately had a mandatory defense against Anthony Yarde. That is, I don’t have “walking” fights like Bivol. In mandatory defense the boxers are on the same conditions as far as possible, but in voluntary defense the advantage is always on the side of the champion, because all the whims of the champion are taken into account, and not those of the challenger.

Bivol practically did not enter into controversy, but responded with a performance in the ring. Dmitry already fought with Arthur (but not with him), confidently overcame the Briton and defended the title of WBA super champion without any problems. Of course, the first question in the ring was about the upcoming fight. Bivol stated that he is ready to fight both Beterbiev and Smith, the main thing is that the belts are at stake. By the way, before the fight with Lindon, Dmitry was announced as a fighter from Kyrgyzstan. And perhaps here lies the key to maintaining the fight for the title of absolute world champion.

Most likely, according to Bivol, the fight will not happen until April. Here we must also take into account the condition of the winner of the fight between Beterbiev and Smith. Both will be charged by knockouts, there is a possibility of damage.

One way or another we are already getting closer to the superfight between Bivol and Beterbiev, there is only one obstacle left. Arthur must clean it up.


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