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The Christmas Lottery has showered Spain with millions. Now the lucky ones with a winning tenth will have to collect it. Many will have already done so because from the day of the extraordinary State Lottery and Betting draw, prizes of less than 2,000 euros can be collected in the same Administrations, but there are also many who will have taken advantage of these days to calmly check if they have a prize for Refund or for a stone. Furthermore, there are many who prefer not to be the first to collect it and let some time pass, but what cannot wait is to at least check if the tickets we play have a prize because the days go by and this lottery does have an expiration date.

Do Christmas Lottery prizes expire?

The answer is yes, that is why you have to collect the prize before three months have passed because it is the period in which you can enjoy the prize without any setbacks. If you have been one of the lucky ones, run and cross out March 23 on the calendar in red. After that date you will not be able to win the prize.

Who keeps the money from an unpaid prize tenth?

If it is not collected before this three-month period, the money goes to the Treasury. This is stated in article 22 of the Treasury regulations: “The right to collect prizes expires after three months, counted from the day following the draw to which they correspond. After this period, the importation of unclaimed prizes will be subject to Treasury Benefit. This Period will be extended by one day if the last day of the period is a holiday in the locality in which the payment is processed. As a consequence of the provisions of the two previous articles, the expiration period will be Interrupted until the resolution or sentence is issued. firm in the respective procedure.”

Where can I charge them?

If the prizes are less than 2,000 euros for each tenth or receipt, they can be collected exclusively at one of the points of sale of the Loterías commercial network, starting on the afternoon of December 22. In this case, the prize can be collected in cash or through the Bizum system, since Lottery points of sale were the first physical businesses in Spain to incorporate this system as a method of payment for your bets and collection of your minor prizes. If the import is greater than or equal to 2,000 euros, it will be charged at the authorized financial entities: BBVA and Caixabank.

Where can I collect a tenth collected online?

In the event that the winning ticket has been purchased online, the prize arrives by bank transfer to the account communicated by the player in their Game account, once the number is verified after the draw. Minor prizes will be credited directly to the Gaming account if it does not exceed the established limit, in which case they will be paid by bank transfer to the current account that has been communicated.

What happens if the tenth is damaged?

If the winning ticket or ticket is damaged, the client must go to a Lottery point of sale, complete the Prize Payment Request form, sign it and provide the damaged ticket or ticket, which will be sent to the Lottery for authentication.

How did you collect a shared tenth?

If the tenth is shared, all participants must be identified when collecting prizes equal to or greater than 2,000 euros at financial institutions.

What do I do if my tenth has been stolen?

If the tenth has been stolen, it is advisable to file a report with the competent authorities. If said tenth turns out to be awarded, the client can appear in court with the complaint so that the corresponding process can begin.


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