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The bubble on Ten Hag’s head is the best thing Manchester United had in the match against West Ham

Grigory Telingater December 23, 2023, 18:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

One of the goals was scored by a young student.

It happened that for Manchester United the match against West Ham is a match with a direct competitor in the table for a place that gives a ticket to the Europa League. So far, only the fifth team in the EPL is guaranteed entry to this tournament, but if other competitions go as desired, the sixth and seventh places will give the opportunity to go to the second European Cup.

Meanwhile, ten Hag continues to suffer injuries. Suffice it to say that the sixth and seventh central defenders, Evans and Kambwal, entered the field. Numbers 35 and 53, which is symbolic. For a 19-year-old boy, this is his debut in adult football. But we can say that Manchester United produced five players at once. In addition to the two center backs, there are also Mainu, McTominay and Garnacho. All five spent at least three years at Manchester United’s academy.

The first half was quite boring. West Ham initially had more shots on goal, but didn’t create anything really dangerous. Manchester United sat quite low in defense, as if they had football on their minds, which allowed them to draw in the last round match at Anfield. And if until the 35th minute Manchester United could not create anything dangerous, then Garnacho had a great opportunity and should have scored.

Garnacho moment

Photo: Transmission frame

And soon the same Argentine had another similar opportunity. And again as a result of a counterattack. In those moments it begins to seem that Ten Hag came to change the style of Manchester United, but instead he changed himself. The Solskjaer/Mourinho approach seemed to work best. It is true that here we must again make a reservation about injuries. Maybe football will be different when everyone improves. It should also be noted that Manchester United did not give up any possession, although they rarely reached the other third of the field.

In the second half a goal against Manchester United began to take shape. An excellent save was made by Onana, who took the ball under the crossbar. And in the 72nd minute the locals finally opened the scoring. Paquette won’t have any assists on the stat sheet, but it was his incredible pass that essentially scored the goal. Onana met the first shot and then Bowen headed the ball towards the goal.

bow kick

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And almost immediately West Ham scored again. This time, Mainu absurdly missed the ball under his foot, and soon Kudus shot directly from the penalty area into the far bottom corner. Once again there are no chances for the Manchester United goalkeeper.

Kudus strike

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With the score 2:0, West Ham was in no hurry and calmly led the match to victory. The only thing that can make Manchester United fans happy, apart from the photo of Ten Hag with a bubble, is Eriksen’s return to the field after an injury (the Dane entered the field in the 85th minute). West Ham rose to sixth place, while Manchester United fell to eighth.

Meanwhile, another Manchester team took another title:

The easiest trophy in town. They beautifully eliminated Fluminense in the World Cup final and didn’t even realize it! Video


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