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Even before the release of the first Rebel Moon film, they began to build a franchise in the spirit of Star Wars. The news was constantly talking about the director’s cut, approved sequels, video games, and a canceled board game. Netflix bosses believed they had found a golden cow that needed to be milked with redoubled efforts.

Unfortunately, “Rebel Moon” was destroyed, calling it stupid, stereotypical and stupid. Are the claims fair? Yes. But all the insults described above do not make the new movie absolutely bad.

“Rebel Moon”: where to watch?

Rebel Moon is available on Netflix. There is no official Russian dubbing, only subtitles.

The video is available on the YouTube channel “Red Head Sound – Translation and Voiceover”. The rights to the video belong to Netflix.

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The universe is primitive, but there is something in it.

The plot of “Rebel Moon” is as simple as a stick. There is a powerful and warlike empire that recently lost its king and heir. There are rebels who are tired of bloody expansion and draconian laws. There are also heroic farmers who find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They lived peacefully on fertile lands, but one day the Imperials appeared and aggressively demanded all their food.

In theory, the farmers could have reached an agreement on a suitable partnership, but already on the first night they had a big fight with the soldiers. Now the farmers are doomed to extermination: their only chance is to find allies and fight together against the imperials. The entire first film is dedicated to the reunion of the Suicide Squad.

good guys vs tyranny

Photo: Netflix

The simple concept could have worked, but Snyder went out of his way to leave the viewer in disbelief. In “Rebel Moon” there seems to be an interesting world with many planets, factions and races, but nothing is paid attention to; At most, they present the situation with a voice-over or a quick flashback. There are many different characters, but the director doesn’t even try to develop them; for example, General Titus (Djimon Hounsou), important to the plot, only has a handful of lines.

Although the main problem is the total lack of logic. Imagine a desert planet where heroes search for a person who has fallen into slavery. The local chief makes a risky bet: if the prisoner rides around the wild creature, he will gain freedom; If not, all heroes will be chained. Our guys immediately agree, forcing the viewer to facepalm. What is a prisoner for? Who is he? How can he help the common cause? And most importantly: has he ridden a horse at least once in his life? There are no answers, so the deal becomes an attraction of stupidity.

However, if you turn off your brain and watch “Rebel Moon” while lazily munching on popcorn, you will get a lot of pleasure. The same scene with the liberation of the slave is full of epic, impressive shots and Snyder’s characteristic slow motion, where the hero jumps from a cliff onto a hippogriff flying at breakneck speed.

As a result, after watching it, I want to exclaim: “It was stupid, but I liked it.” The entire two-hour film evokes roughly the same emotions.

Local villains are the spitting image of the Nazis

Photo: Netflix

Rebel Moon’s main problem is the rush. The first film showed a lot, but revealed nothing. Beautiful planets and extravagant characters replace each other at the speed of light, not allowing you to enjoy what is happening or understand anything. At the same time, the potential is felt in the setting itself: Zack Snyder has created a suitable foundation on which many interesting stories can be built.

Unfortunately, the director had already made a similar mistake in Batman v Superman, when an interesting idea became a hodgepodge with a host of barely familiar characters and a strange discussion about Martha. That failure greatly undermined Snyder’s position. Will something like this happen again now?

The character is colorful, but has little screen time.

Photo: Netflix

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The movie has epic shoots and crazy battles.

For the filming of the two parts of “Rebel Moon” 166 million dollars were allocated, a modest amount, and it shows, taking into account the moment and the abundance of special effects. The landscape is unconvincing and the graphics are primitive: the green background is visible and the explosion shots are not particularly impressive.

However, Snyder did everything he could to make the film spectacular despite the low budget. When in the intro they show the field the heroine is plowing, I want to pause the movie and take screenshots. The secret is framing the shot, working with colors and an incredible sense of style.

Luxurious frame

Photo: Netflix

The director also does well with creativity. What do you think of strange bugs that use people as vocal apparatus? What about futuristic hookahs, in which the tubes are inserted directly into the body? This is just a small part of the interesting details of the Snyder universe.

And the action deserves some praise. The director is still crazy about slow motion; Often this technique is meaningless, but sometimes it turns a simple plane into a work of art. You should have seen how in the main character’s flashback the projectiles fly to the ground and elegantly throw sand. The show is amazing!

A very exciting fight

Photo: Netflix

“Rebel Moon”: is it worth watching?

Rebel Moon didn’t make a new Star Wars. This is a very stupid movie with a lot of mistakes and unnecessary arcs. But if you treat it as a simple and beautiful fantasy, where the heroes fight spectacularly and even wander through the mud with an epic stride, you can get a lot of pleasure.

I’d like to believe that Rebel Moon will get enough views to become a major franchise. The fantasy genre is going through difficult times, so Snyder’s creation is worth supporting. The novelty is far from ideal, but it still deserves attention.

Luna Rebelde score: 7.5 out of 10.


Beautiful filming. Very epic. The universe has potential.

I dont like him

The world was not really revealed. There are too many stupid moments. The graphics and decorations are not convincing.


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