Tue. May 28th, 2024

North Korean hackers have stolen sensitive information from the computer network of a South Korean court. The information stolen over a period of more than two years includes various personal documents. On Saturday, the police of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, reported this information.

Nuclear-armed North Korea is said to have an army of thousands of hackers. These hackers operate within the country and even from abroad. They have been blamed for several major cyber attacks around the world.

South Korean intelligence agencies and government prosecutors are investigating the theft of data from the court’s computer network. About them, the Seoul Police said, from January 2021 to February 2023, hackers stole 1 thousand 14 gigabytes of data.

In a statement sent to AFP, South Korean police said the data was stolen through malware. This includes information on marriages and personal loans of South Korean citizens. Until the matter was caught, the information was sent to four local and four foreign servers.

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South Korean officials have examined the malware in the court’s computer network, payment details and IP addresses on the servers that took the information, along with the information obtained from some of the previous hacking incidents. Soon after, Seoul came to know that Pyongyang was involved in data theft. The country’s police say only 4.7 gigabytes of stolen data have been recovered. Among them there are 5 thousand 171 documents.

The United Nations has imposed multiple sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear weapons and missile programs. Analysts say North Korean hackers have stepped up cyber attacks over the years to grab foreign currency in such situations.

According to data provided by South Korea, Japan, and the United States, North Korean hackers stole about $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2022 alone. Apart from this, they have collected various information by conducting cyber attacks to use in their weapons project.



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