Sun. May 26th, 2024

More than 300 people have died due to heavy rains and floods in different provinces of Afghanistan. The World Food Organization (WFP) reported this information on Saturday. In such a situation, the Taliban government has declared a state of emergency in the country.

Baghlan, Takhar and Badakashan as well as western Ghar and Herat provinces received heavy rains in the poverty-stricken agricultural country on Friday. This has caused floods in rivers and streams. Villages, roads and farmlands in various provinces have become muddy.

A local AFP journalist who witnessed it said that local people were seen being rescued from flood-damaged buildings, roads full of rubble and mud on Saturday. Along with the government, various non-governmental organizations have deployed rescue workers in the affected areas. Relief given. Warnings have been issued in some areas due to the threat of communication disruption due to flooding.

One of the worst affected areas is the northern province of Baghlan, WFP said. More than three hundred people lost their lives in this province alone. Thousands of houses were damaged or destroyed.

Rana Deraj, the communication officer of the United Nations organization working in Afghanistan, said, “So far 311 people have died in Baghlan province. 2 thousand 11 houses were destroyed and 2 thousand 800 were damaged.

However, the information of the Taliban government and various humanitarian organizations regarding the amount of loss of life and damage is different. According to the United Nations Organization for Migration (IOM), 218 people died in Baghlan province alone.

On the other hand, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan, Abdul Mateen, said that 131 people lost their lives in Baghlan province. However, this number may increase. Because many are missing now. He also said that 20 people died in Takhar province and two in neighboring Badakashan.

Jan Mohammad Din Mohammad, a resident of Pol-i-Khomri, the capital of Baghlan province, said, “My house and my entire life have been swept away by this flood.” His family moved to higher ground when the floodwaters began to rise. But they returned home as soon as the sky cleared. Come and see, there is nothing. Houses were destroyed, everything in the house was washed away. Jan Mohammad said, “I don’t know where I will go with them, what I will do.”

In addition to declaring a state of emergency, the country’s defense ministry is providing food, medicine and first aid to people in flood-affected areas.
Around 100 people died in floods in 10 provinces of the country in the middle of last month.



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