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Date: December 25, 2023 Time: 04:19:12

According to him, this will not only confirm to Russia that a “proxy war” is being waged in Ukraine, but could also “paradoxically turn against the United States and the entire West,” TASS reports.

With its actions, Washington sends a signal to other countries that convert their savings into dollars that if the United States does this to Russia today, tomorrow they can do it to anyone, the expert said.

Shiller is convinced that this will destroy the halo of security surrounding the dollar and will be a step towards de-dollarization, towards which many countries are increasingly moving. Anyone who saves in foreign currency will be tempted to convert it into yuan or euros, concluded the Nobel Prize winner.

It was previously reported that the United States began urgent negotiations with its allies on using frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine. According to media reports, Washington is signaling to Europe that it supports the idea of ​​confiscating assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation worth more than $300 billion amid problems with financial support to Ukraine.


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