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Liverpool ruined a fantastic moment. It cost the team the victory over Arsenal

Grigory Telingater December 23, 2023, 23:12 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Both clubs will likely have questions for the referee due to unassigned penalties.

Liverpool vs Arsenal is the main match of the weekend. A match in which it was initially difficult to find a favorite. It didn’t turn out to be there, as the game showed.

The game started strong: Arsenal scored in the 4th minute. Odegaard crossed from the free kick and Gabriel finished with a clear header. In this episode, Liverpool defender Konate, who played against the Brazilian, missed, but at the moment of the shot he let go and waved his hand indicating offside even before hitting the goal. The VAR recorded that Gabriel was in the correct position, he was just offside.

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Liverpool responded with a goal from Salah. In the 29th minute, Trent made a brilliant assist down the field. The Egyptian received the ball in the other’s area, easily dribbled past Zinchenko and Arsenal had no reinforcements. Salah powerfully reached the top nine 1-1.

Furthermore, in the first half, surprisingly the referee did not award a penalty to Arsenal for hitting the ball into Odegaard’s hand. On the one hand, it was lower: a natural position and a minimum distance. On the other hand, Odegaard moved the ball away with his hand, it was a decisive move. Judge Kavanagh apparently considered that Odegaard wanted to put his foot down, but for some reason he didn’t.

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And one more unpleasant moment for the owners. Saka pushed Tsimikas and flew towards Klopp. At first the episode seemed very comical, but then it became clear that Liverpool needed a substitute. We had to leave Gómez now on the left flank of the defense.

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Gómez, by the way, looked quite good and bravely joined the attack. In the 54th minute, he shot dangerously into the far corner and the ball barely touched the post. Overall, the match was balanced in terms of key indicators such as shots, possession, corner kicks and passing accuracy.

And in the 72nd minute, Liverpool missed an incredible opportunity. Salah launched a counterattack and was able to hit three teammates at once. Trent received the ball in a killer position, but hit the crossbar. Perhaps the best moment of the entire game.

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Liverpool were almost punished for their profligacy. In the 80th minute he was quite close to scoring a penalty against the hosts. Trent pushed Havertz from behind, but even in this case neither the main referee nor the VAR found reason to shoot from 11 meters.

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With a very open match, no one could win. 1:1: draw in favor of Manchester City, who missed the match in this round due to their trip to the club world cup. Now Guardiola’s team is just three points behind Arsenal in terms of points dropped.

Núñez did not score in this match either:

The Liverpool striker collapsed mentally. Darwin Núñez’s behavior is painful


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