Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

In Italy, the number of young people has decreased by 3 million in the last 20 years. The country’s government is worried about reducing the number of young people. Although Bangladeshi expatriates are quite happy to increase their dependence on foreign workers to solve the crisis..

Italy’s population has been steadily declining over the past few decades. However, in recent years, the government has announced a number of economic incentives for parents to boost the country’s birth rate. There was no significant news in the country.

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Last Wednesday (May 15), the country’s statistics bureau “Estat” published a report showing that in the last 20 years, the number of young people in Italy has decreased by more than 3 million. Currently, the number of young people aged 18 to 34 in Italy is 13330000. Which in 2003 was 1 crore 33 lakh 90 thousand.

The Italian government and various research institutes are alarmed by the decline of such a large number of young people. Dependence on foreign workers will increase to meet the country’s labor market crisis. Expatriates are hoping that this will increase the access of Bangladeshi workers.

Italy’s population has been steadily declining since the 1970s. Currently the population of the country is only 60 million. If the current rate decreases, Italy’s population will stand at 4.5 million in 2070. And the number of youth will be less than 50 lakh.



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