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Date: December 24, 2023 Time: 04:10:21

According to the emergency department, currently employees of the municipal level, the 10th PSO of the Regional Ministry of Emergency Situations have already started cutting down fallen trees.

In addition, information was received that the roof of a five-story building was partially torn off. City administration officials rushed to the scene of the incident. Information about this emergency is being clarified.

The regional operations headquarters highlighted that during the night of December 24, very strong winds with gusts of 30 to 32 meters per second are expected in Sochi and in the sea area from the village of Magri to the village of Veseloye.

On behalf of Sochi Mayor Alexey Kopaygorodsky, all urban services in the complex function in an improved manner. The situation is being monitored by the city’s operational headquarters.

The Kuban Ministry of Emergency Situations also reminded that storm warnings are in effect in the region. At the same time, “the population was informed and notified in advance about all possible risks.”

In addition, an airmobile group with special equipment was sent to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe village of Dzhubga, located on the Black Sea coast near Tuapse, for immediate response in the area of ​​possible emergencies and emergencies.


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