Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

The incident occurred near house 10 at 60 Let Komsomol Street in the Central District. According to reports, a poplar tree fell on a passerby and was uprooted by the elements. The deceased was a 46-year-old man from the city of Lobnya, Moscow Region, with no fixed place of residence.

The checks were organized by employees of the prosecutor’s office of the central district of the complex and representatives of the investigative committee. Experts are investigating the causes and conditions of the incident.

During the previous day, 35 millimeters of precipitation fell in the coastal area and 45 in the mountains. The winter beaches and partially the ski resorts were closed. In the Black Sea, off the coast of Sochi, a storm of up to six points is brewing.

At night, rain and hail pounded the windows of Sochi residents so hard that it was impossible to sleep. Social media pages were filled with impressions of the disaster. What residents were most interested in were the gusts of wind.

“On Yakornaya Shchel we had 37 meters per second, maybe a little more, we looked at the application online,” shared a local resident. – It felt like something terrible.

Here in Yakornaya Shchel the wind was blowing at 37 meters per second, maybe a little more,” shared a local resident. – It felt like something terrible.

No wonder winter beaches and ski slopes are closed. In Krasnaya Polyana there are three cable cars: guests can rise from 540 to 2200 meters above sea level. In Rosa Khutor there is only one elevator with which you can go from 560 to 1100 meters. In the mountain resort of Gazprom the tracks have also stopped working and the cable cars are partially open, only to the Psekhako hut. On Sunday the sale of ski passes was closed.

The bad weather also forced the operation of the air port to be adapted. 21 aircraft had to be sent to alternative airfields in other cities. Sochi airport operates according to real weather conditions. The circulation of public transport by bus and rail was carried out normally.

In the four areas of the complex, almost 12 thousand inhabitants were left without electricity. The reason is a break in overhead power lines. 119 people and 40 teams participated in the elimination of the accident.

In addition, public service networks were also damaged. In the center of Sochi, due to unrestrained nature, a landslide occurred, damaging the main water pipe with a diameter of 300 millimeters. 15 people and three special teams participated in the restoration. The situation is complicated by the fact that specialists have to work in crowded conditions, on a slope where trees have been felled.

“More than 400 people and 100 teams are involved in work to eliminate the consequences of the disaster,” said Sochi Mayor Alexey Kopaygorodsky. – The operational headquarters continues to work 24 hours a day. The storm warning is in effect until the end of Monday.


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