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Chelsea failed again. The team managed to lose and lose three people.

Grigory Telingater December 24, 2023, 18:45 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Mauricio Pochettino’s team lost points in 12 of 18 games!

Chelsea continues to suffer. Even due to injuries. This time they were missing two key players in midfield: Enzo Fernández and Moisés Caicedo (two of the most expensive transfers of the Todd Bowley era). You don’t even need to remember the main full-backs Reece James and Ben Chilwell.

In a difficult personal situation, Mauricio Pochettino released two forwards at once: Armando Brou and Nicholas Jackson. And from the first minutes Chelsea took the initiative. In the first 30 minutes, the visitors had twice as much ball possession and outscored their rivals 4:0.

And another rather controversial episode occurred in the 18th minute, when Nelson Semedo hit Raheem Sterling in the shin with his studs. The VAR did not intervene and demanded the red card. Apparently, because Semedo did not make a tackle, but rather he lightly kicked his rival. It is surprising that the Wolves player has not received at least one yellow card.


Photo: frame of the transmission.

The most striking episode of the first half is also related to the pound sterling. The opportunity was created by the English team player himself: he intercepted the ball and the three guests attacked the goalkeeper. In some incomprehensible way the attack did not take place. Rahim did not pass Jackson or Cole Palmer, but instead shot at the goalkeeper.


Photo: transmission frame

In the second half the game was already taking place without Chelsea’s advantage. In the 47th minute, Joao Gómez shot at goal and the ball hit Leslie Ugochukwu’s hand. The locals already had reasons to complain about the refereeing, since both the main referee and the VAR considered that the hand was in a natural position.


Photo: transmission frame

A series of dangerous crosses from Wolverhampton followed. One of them ended in a goal. Once again, Ugochukwu did not play well and was forced into the starting lineup. The midfielder played against Mario Lemina, but, in fact, he did not force him to fight and headed the ball into the goal.

Then Chelsea’s problems aggravated due to the lack of players. Ugochukwu was injured, Palmer and Sterling each received their fifth yellow card and will now miss the next round of the Premier League (the match against Crystal Palace). The feeling is that London footballers retire faster than they recover. It is true that Chelsea, despite all their problems, had several good moments. In one episode, the ball missed by only a third. Toti took it off the mark.


Photo: transmission frame

The referee added 11 minutes to the second half, which included two goals. First, Wolverhampton scored the second goal. After a cross from the right wing, Benoit Badiashile misplaced his foot and the ball bounced perfectly into the play of Matt Doherty, who shot. And almost in response, Christopher Nkunku scored his debut goal in the Premier League after a cross from Sterling. Chelsea did not have enough to do more and Pochettino’s team remained in tenth place.

On the same Premier League tour a historic event occurred:

For the first time, a girl became the main referee in the Premier League. And that’s great


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