Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

In a statement on Saturday (June 8), the group said it fired a Falak-2 rocket at a military command center in northern Israel for the first time.

A security source told Reuters news agency that it was the first time the Iran-backed group had used such a rocket after several Falak-1 launches in the past.

It is not known if there were any Israeli casualties in this attack. Israel’s local media also reported on Hezbollah’s use of new weapons.

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Since October 7 of last year, Israel’s military aggression and massacres in Gaza have continued. At the same time, fighting is going on between Israel and Hezbollah, an armed group allied to Hamas in Lebanon.

The fight has intensified in the past week. Israel is steadily pushing deeper into Lebanese territory. As a result, it is feared that a wider conflict may start. Now both sides are threatening an all-out attack against each other. It is believed that this tussle may turn into a major war.



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