Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Thirteen undecided voters spoke to Reuters. All 10 of them said the 81-year-old Biden’s performance against Republican candidate Trump was weak, confusing, embarrassing and boring.

Among them is Gina Gannon, 65, a retired Georgia state official. He voted for Biden in 2020. “Joe Biden looked very weak and confused from the beginning,” he said. I worry that our global enemies will see Biden in such a vulnerable position. I was disappointed. I don’t like seeing our president on TV and in front of the world like that. I will definitely vote for Trump.

Controversies before elections in the United States generally do not have much effect on voters. However, in this election, Biden and Trump are going through a tough fight. In addition, the votes of several swing states depend on who the people of the United States are going to get as president. A certain number of voters who are still undecided; The hearts of those voters have to be won.

Biden’s performance in the debate was shaky. Trump was repeatedly attacking him there. Seeing the poor performance of Biden, the question was raised in the minds of his fellow Democrats, is Biden able to work for another four-year term?

Seven out of nine voters disappointed by Biden’s performance told Reuters they are now leaning toward Trump. Because they no longer believe that Biden can fulfill his duties as president.

Meredith Marshall (51); who lives in the Los Angeles area and is a self-reliant man. He said the Biden-Trump debate shocked him. He voted for Biden in 2020, but is now leaning toward Trump. He thinks Biden lacks mental acuity.

Meanwhile, according to a recent Reuters and multinational market research and consulting firm Ipsos poll, about 20 percent of voters said they chose neither Trump nor Biden for president this year. Rather than turning to third-party options or not voting at all.

But there is good news for Biden as well. Ashley Altum, a 28-year-old mental health care manager from South Carolina, considered voting for Biden or a third-party candidate before the debate. After watching the debate, he has now decided to vote for Biden.

He said he was pleased with Biden’s response. Because Biden was more willing than Trump to address questions.

At one point in the debate, Biden mentioned that Trump is 78 years old. Which is only three years less than that.

Issues of age and mental capacity began to be discussed during the campaign in February, when a report by the Justice Department’s special counsel said Biden was suffering from memory loss.

But while Biden admitted he did poorly in the first debate, he is confident of beating Trump in the election.

Source: Reuters



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