Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Last Sunday (May 19) Ismaili was in another helicopter next to the helicopter carrying Raisi. He spoke to Iran’s state media IRNA about what actually happened at the last moment that day.

Ismaili said, ‘On Sunday (May 19) around 1 am local time, the helicopter started three journeys. At that time the weather was nice and normal. The helicopter carrying the president was in the middle. There was a helicopter in front and another in the back.

“Forty-five minutes after takeoff, the pilot of the helicopter carrying Raisi ordered the pilots of the other two helicopters to climb higher. Basically he wanted to avoid the thick clouds that were nearby.

At that time, suddenly the helicopter carrying Raisi disappeared. After 30 seconds of flying through thick clouds, our pilot first noticed that the helicopter carrying the President was nowhere to be seen. Then our pilot circled. Looking for the helicopter.

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“Several attempts were made to contact the helicopter carrying Raisi by radio device. But it was not successful. Our helicopter then lowered altitude and landed in a nearby copper mine.’

Ismaili also said,

Repeated calls were made to the Foreign Minister and the head of the President’s security unit, who were on board the ‘disappearing’ helicopter at the time. But none of them got a response. Other helicopter pilots, including us, tried to call Captain Mostafavi, the pilot of the president’s helicopter. But there was no response.

He also said, “In that complicated situation, it was only possible to contact Muhammad Ali Al-Hashem who was in Raisi’s helicopter.” He (Al-Hashem) was not well. But just say that their helicopter crashed in a valley.

‘Then I was able to call Al-Hashem once more. He still said the same thing. Mohammad Ali al-Hashem was the spokesman for Iran’s supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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“When we find the wreckage of the crashed helicopter, we see all the bodies there. Understandably, everyone including President Rice died instantly. Only Ale-Hashem may have survived for an hour.’

Raisi’s second funeral is scheduled to be held on Wednesday (May 22) in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Iran’s supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is expected to participate in it. People from all walks of life including representatives of different countries will pay their last respects to Raisi in the capital. Raisi will then be buried tomorrow (Thursday) in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city.



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