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This winter, clubs will not only sign newcomers. For many coaches, it is equally important to extend agreements with existing players whose contracts expire in the summer of 2024. Consequently, from the winter these players have the right to negotiate with other clubs. And even conclude a preliminary agreement.

It is interesting that several very strong footballers from the RPL can appear on the free agent market. Below are the ten most expensive representatives of the league.

Where will RPL clubs go for winter training?

Where will RPL clubs hold their winter training camps? There are several popular destinations.

Quincy Promes (Spartak)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 6 million euros

Quincy Promes

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Quincy’s official contract expires in the summer of 2024. But according to inside sources, the 32-year-old has the option of an automatic one-year extension if he plays a certain number of games. On December 1, SE reported that the Dutchman was close to this. However, there have been no statements from the club regarding the extension of the agreement.

In any case, Promes will find it difficult to find work in Europe due to criminal persecution in his homeland. Therefore, he will probably want to stay in Russia as long as possible. There is also an option with Arab countries, but lately there have been no rumors of interest in any player from there.

Anton Miranchuk (Lokomotiv)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 5 million euros

Anton Miranchuk

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Miranchuk’s representative specifically outlined the client’s priorities. Supposedly, Anton wants to terminate his contract and then go to the European Championship as a free agent. At the same time, Vadim Shpinev proposed a condition under which the footballer could consider the option of an extension. To do this, the club had to part ways with general director Vladimir Leonchenko. But Loko, on the contrary, retained the official.

Miranchuk himself publicly avoids talking about his future. At the same time, the club does not hide that it would like to keep the midfielder. And they’ll probably even make you an offer for a new contract. The question is whether the player will consider it, given the agent’s very specific words.

Georgy Dzhikia (Spartak)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 5 million euros

Georgy Dzhikia

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

The Spartak captain lost his place in the starting eleven and rumors about his future increased. On December 14, the player’s agent, Vadim Shpinev, said that there were no negotiations with Spartak. The club previously claimed they would offer the player a new deal “at the appropriate time”. According to various internal sources, management expects Dzhikia to reduce salaries.

At the same time, Lokomotiv and Krasnodar would allegedly be interested in the footballer. But no one officially confirmed this information.

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Rifat Zhemaletdinov (Lokomotiv)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 4 million euros

Rifat Zhemaletdinov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

The Rifat situation practically duplicates the Miranchuk case. The agent’s position is not to sign a contract with the club where Vladimir Leonchenko works. However, it is unknown if the player has options on other teams. Objectively, the last two seasons for Zhemaletdinov were unsuccessful. Due to injuries, the midfielder plays very little and it is unlikely that he will have many offers. Even in Russia, not to mention Europe.

Mumi Ngamalyo (Dynamo)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 3.5 million euros

Mumi Ngamalyo

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

One of Dynamo’s leaders should not have any problems: even when signing the agreement in 2022, the club announced that it had the option to renew it for one season. And there are many prerequisites for this item to be activated. Another point is that Ngamalyo himself might want a new, long-term deal. Still, he is already 29 years old and this may be his last big contract.

Now there is no reason for the Cameroonian to leave Dynamo. Therefore, the parties will most likely agree on everything.

Ilzat Akhmetov (Krasnodar)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 3 million euros

Ilzat Akhmetov

Photo: Sergey Apenkin, “Championship”

In September, Akhmetov’s representative joked when asked about expanding the agreement with Krasnodar. He stated that the player is in negotiations with Manchester United and Arsenal. But now there are fewer reasons to joke. There are six months left until he finalizes the contract, but nothing is known about specific negotiations.

Overall, Ilzat is not a central player for Krasnodar. And he often comes as a replacement. But he is regular and helpful. And the club has hardly any reason to doubt the advisability of signing a new contract with the midfielder.

What RPL transfers have already occurred:

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Artyom Dzyuba (Lokomotiv)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 3 million euros

Artyom Dzyuba

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

It is known that in the summer of 2023 Dzyuba signed a contract with Lokomotiv according to the 1+1 scheme. According to journalist Ivan Karpov, Artyom must take 12 effective measures to automatically extend the agreement. He now has four goals and three assists. That is, in the spring it is necessary to add five points and the contract will be renewed.

Artyom will most likely do this. But even if not, there is always the option of separately negotiating a conditional one-year agreement. Loko’s direction apparently has good contact with the striker, so there should be no problems.

Fedor Smolov (Dynamo)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 3 million euros

Fyodor Smolov

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Fedor’s situation is similar. In the summer of 2023 he signed an agreement with Dynamo according to the 1 + 1 scheme. However, it is unknown what needs to happen for the contract to renew automatically.

This season Smolov plays in almost every game, but not always from the first minutes. He gets by without injuries. So there are no obstacles to staying at the club for another season.

Mohamed Konate (Akhmat)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 2.5 million euros

Mohamed Konate

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

The player’s agent, Dmitry Selyuk, said that Konate will not renew his contract with the club. At the same time, Akhmat reported that he made an offer to the player and now he is thinking about it. However, two scenarios are apparently being considered: either the club will release the player in the winter for some type of compensation, or the forward will leave as a free agent in the summer. And the possibility of an extension is almost excluded.

Konstantin Kuchaev (CSKA)

Value according to Transfermarkt: 2.5 million euros

Konstantin Kuchaev

Photo: Artyom Gusev, “Championship”

The CSKA midfielder has little match practice. At the same time, the player’s agent said in the fall that a new deal was being negotiated. Metaratings recently reported that Kuchaev is in no hurry to sign a contract with CSKA, as he sees no prospects of entering the field more often. In this case, the club could consider selling the player in the winter to receive at least some compensation.

Meanwhile, CSKA has already signed a newcomer:

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Who else could be left without a club this summer?

Danil Krugovoy (Zenit) is waiting for an offer for a new contract in the winter training camp. He has already rejected one thing: Mario Fernández (Zenit) has the option of an automatic season extension by agreement of the parties; Most likely, Víctor Moisés (Spartak) will leave as a free agent and return to Europe. It has already been reported that Inter could sign the player; Igor Akinfeev (CSKA) will traditionally make a decision on his future at the end of the season; Christian Noboa (Sochi) will also announce a decision on his future at the end of the season. season; Anton Zabolotny (CSKA), probably in the summer will leave the club as a free agent; Anton Shunin (Dynamo) will make a decision on his future at the end of the season; Mikhail Kerzhakov (Zenit) will take it at the same time.

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