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Date: December 24, 2023 Time: 10:36:51

Many workers enjoy vacation days during these Christmas days to reunite with family, meet friends and enjoy the holidays. However, this is not a reality in all sectors. While some enjoy the lights, the gifts and the nougat, others have to undertake marathon days of work. Among them, the health sector is one of those that does not rest. Health care continues 24 hours a day regardless of whether the day is marked as a holiday on the calendar. In the hospital, doctors, nurses and other health personnel undertake these Christmas days surrounded by their work families and it is with them that they toast with champagne on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. But what does the financial compensation mean for specialists to work during the Christmas shifts? In Madrid it translates into 1,106 euros in payroll for each day.

The remuneration that doctors receive for on-call shifts is not the same throughout Spanish territory, but each community determines the amount it pays its specialists for these 24-hour shifts. In the case of Madrid, doctors charge double the amount of money for each hour of shift in the case of Christmas shifts. The Association of Doctors and Higher Graduates of Madrid (Amyts) tells La Información that “the hours are charged at double the amount usual in the case of doctors who work in the hospital.” In this way, the 23 euros corresponding to one hour of guard duty in the rest of the year become 46 euros in the case of the 24-hour days of Christmas Eve (December 24), Christmas (December 25), New Year’s Eve ( December 31), New Year’s (January 1) and Epiphany (January 6).

Therefore, for a 24-hour day of work in the hospital, each doctor receives a total of 1,104 gross euros that will be added to the payroll for the corresponding month. However, these amounts vary with respect to professionals at other levels of care far from the hospital walls.

How much do Summa 112 doctors charge for each call?

Amyts explains to La Información that the reason for the double payment for each hour is “because the guards are continuous care, not an ordinary day.” However, this is not the case for Summa 112 professionals or those who work in former High Resolution Emergency Primary Care Services (SAR). “The shifts are ordinary, we speak colloquially about guards but the reality is that they are ordinary shifts. This means that the holiday and night supplement is only paid double, depending on the shift actually performed.” Therefore, they clarify, “the rest of the shift is charged as normal.”

Translated into euros, the on-call hours at Christmas for Summa 112 and the former SARs is “a total of 228 euros for a 12-hour shift if you have to work at night and 136 euros for 12 hours of work if you have to work during the day” .


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