Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

The members of the Senate Board, from PP and PSOE, have rectified and will finally eliminate in an upcoming meeting in January the salary increase referring to supplements for holding a position in the parliamentary committees of the Chamber that they had agreed on in a meeting last December 5 of between 13% and 8%, as PP sources informed Europa Press this Monday.

This decision occurred after the publication of a news item from this agency in which it was stated that the members of the Senate Board would agree to add to their salary from now on the supplements for holding a position in the parliamentary committees of the Chamber. . , so your salary would increase between 13% and 8% -about 16,600 and 11,000 euros more gross per year-.

Until now, the supplement for being a member of the Senate Board was incompatible with the supplement received by positions in the parliamentary committees of the Upper House, with the only exception of the president of the institution, who could receive both salaries.

However, the first vice president of the Senate, Javier Maroto, proposed at the Board meeting on December 5 to eliminate the incompatibility between the perceptions of complements for both positions. And the members of the Senate Board unanimously agreed, as recorded in the minutes of this meeting, consulted by Europa Press.

The justification given for eliminating this incompatibility is that the president of the Senate and the parliamentary groups could previously combine their supplements for this performance with the supplements for having a position on the committees of the Upper House.

That is, from this date, the members of the Senate Board (four from the PP and three from the PSOE) would add to their salary the complement for having a position in a parliamentary commission, increasing their salary between 11,000 and 16,600 euros per year. . .

How much will Maroto and Vara earn?

Until now, the vice presidents of the Senate, the ‘popular’ Javier Maroto and the socialist Guillermo Fernández Vara, were receiving a total of 9,674.99 euros per month, in fourteen payments, which per year translates into 135,449 euros gross for the performance of their functions as vice presidents.

The breakdown of this salary has to do with the identical allocation for all senators (3,173.83 per month) and the supplements for the position they hold as vice presidents (1,366.77 and 3,097.32 euros per month). To this we must add the 2,037.07 euros per month for belonging to constituencies other than Madrid.

And with this decision of the Senate Board, Javier Maroto would add to this salary the complement of 1,186.09 euros for being PP spokesperson in the Regulations Commission, leaving him with a monthly salary of 10,861.08 euros, which translates into 152,054.26 euros gross per year.

For his part, Guillermo Fernández Vara would add the complement of 790.72 euros to his salary for being vice-spokesperson of the PSOE in the Health Commission, receiving a total monthly salary of 10,465.71 euros, about 146,519.08 euros gross per year.

The salary of the secretaries.

As for the four secretaries, the salary that Eva Ortiz (PP) received until now was 9,094 euros per month, which would have to be added to the complement of 1,581.44 euros per month for being vice spokesperson of the PP in the Finance Commission and in the Budget Committee.

The Socialist María Ángeles Luna Would Receive A Total 9,884.72 EUROS Per Month, By Adding The Vice-Spokesperson Complement In Laciison Of Relations With The Ombudsman Of The UEBLO, WHILE The Also Socialist José Manuel Fajardo, Who Is Spokesperson In The Regulation Commission, Would Earn 10,280. 09 euros per month.

And the monthly salary of the second secretary of the Senate, Marimar Blanco, would be 8,848.72 euros per month for being vice spokesperson in the Interior Commission, which translates into 123,882.08 euros gross per year.


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