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The NHL has never seen such arrogance. Two lacrosse goals in one day!

Dmitry Storozhev December 24, 2023, 09:10 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Connor Bedard and Trevor Zegras put on a show for the fans.

Until relatively recently, attempting to throw lacrosse style was not particularly popular. Yes, there were some players who practiced this, and even successfully, but it was just a drop in the ocean: such tricks were extremely rare to see.

Andrey Svechnikov changed this situation. The Russian forward from Carolina became the first hockey player to score in this way in the NHL and soon repeated his achievement, scoring twice in a couple of months.

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Svechnikov introduced a new trend in the NHL. Forsberg repeated his miraculous goal at high speed

Soon lacrosse goals began to appear everywhere, and on both sides of the ocean. Spectators have seen goals like that more than once in the NHL; Matvey Michkov scored the same goal in the decisive match of the Kharlamov Cup in 2022 (and scored twice more before that). Even lacrosse goals were added to the most famous hockey simulator – this shot became very popular.

Today, almost any young talent strives to do something similar. Lacrosse remains an indicator of high technology and, at the same time, a daring way to express oneself; Not all hockey players like things like that happening on the ice: “My opinion is that I would change the rules and eject a player for trying lacrosse.” . This is a lack of respect for the goalkeeper and his work,” Rangers goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin once said.

However, they did not “cancel” lacrosse goals, and on the day of today’s NHL game, just on the eve of Catholic Christmas, two hockey players gave fans such spectacular gifts. Although the Enterprise Center crowd probably didn’t like this gift very much, because it was in the goal of its favorite team, and even a few seconds after his goal, St. Louis didn’t really have time to feel it. Leadership before they themselves lost it!

Blues musicians were upset by none other than Connor Bedard. Chicago’s rookie and new league superstar heads confidently toward the Calder, and his trick today is another application for this award. Bedard had enough time to get behind Jordan Binnington’s goal, circle it with the puck on his hook, and lob it into the top corner, beating Tory Krueg’s attempt to stop the shot.

Video rights belong to NHL Enterprises, LP. You can see it on the NHL website.

The scorer of today’s other lacrosse goal, Trevor Zegras, is not the first time in the NHL he has pulled off such a stunt. Furthermore, he not only scored lacrosse style, but on another occasion he scored on a lacrosse pass. Overall, this action at this level is clearly not new to him.

Zegras’ throw seemed even more spectacular than Bedard’s. Trevor did everything much faster and managed to hide his plans until the last moment: no one had time to think that the American would play lacrosse and the puck was already in the net.

This gift was in exactly the right place: firstly, the meeting with Seattle took place at the Anaheim stadium, and secondly, in this way Zegras celebrated his return to action after a month and a half away from the game. Perhaps with this goal comes confidence: so far this season, the 23-year-old forward has been extremely difficult, and this lacrosse was only his third effective action in 13 games.

Video rights belong to NHL Enterprises, LP. You can see it on the NHL website.

The league has never seen such impudence: a single lacrosse goal is a rather provocative event, and today there were already two, which happened for the first time in the history of the NHL.

Unfortunately for both players, their creativity did not help Chicago and Anaheim win. The Blackhawks somehow lost the game 5:2, allowing five goals in just 11 minutes of the third period and trailing 5:7, and Anaheim, thanks to Zegras’ goal, could only get closer to Seattle, which the Ducks could no longer do. do. did not allow it – 2:3.


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