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The 5 best games of Monday: Dynamo vs. SKA, CSKA vs. Salavat and NBA careers

Mikhail Georgiev December 24, 2023, 21:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

How the last work week of 2023 will begin: basketball and hockey, while football is on vacation.

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???? 15:00: “Minsk” – CSKA, regular season EL

Intrigue: will CSKA recover from the defeat against Parma as an outsider in the league?

In their last match, CSKA suffered their second defeat of the season, sensationally losing to Parma with a score of 78:82. This did not affect the team’s position in the tournament, since the military team has an advantage over its pursuers. “Minsk” is having another disastrous season, which raises more and more doubts about the club’s presence in the league. 0 wins and 18 losses. Will the Belarusian team be able to create the main sensation of the season or will it not be able to cope with the slightly bitter Moscow club?

Parma’s prospects after winning the match against CSKA:

There are no limits to perfection. Parma is ready to become the dark horse of the VTB United League

???? 19:30: Dynamo M – SKA, KHL regular championship

???? Match with text broadcast

Intrigue: will Dynamo regain the championship in the standings?

In the last home game of the year, Dynamo will host one of their most important rivals, SKA. The blue and white are in excellent shape, they won four games in a row, but the day before they lost the championship in qualifying to Spartak (according to additional indicators). Can the blue and white team regain first place? We also note that Nikita Gusev can extend his goal streak to 12 games; The last time he left the court without scoring points was November 18.

Nikita has 4 goals and 13 assists in 11 games:


Nikita Gusev extended his scoring streak to 11 games

???? 19:30: CSKA – Salavat Yulaev, KHL regular championship

???? Match with text broadcast

Intrigue: will CSKA lose four games in a row?

Tired after two championship seasons, CSKA stopped producing results this year and the team’s performance leaves a difficult impression. In addition, today “Salavat Yulaev” can inflict its fourth consecutive defeat. After Sergei Fedorov took over the military club, this had never happened to them (and if you look further, the last time CSKA lost four games in a row was in November 2019). Well, there is always a first time for everything.

It is already expected that the CSKA coach will resign soon:

Former SKA player: Sergei Fedorov in CSKA is at stake, the team does not play

???? 20:00: New York Knicks – Milwaukee Bucks, NBA regular season

Intrigue: Can Milwaukee beat the Knicks for the fourth time this season?

The schedule is such that the teams will meet for the fourth time this season. In the previous three games, Milwaukee became stronger and stronger, despite all the rough edges and problems that arose in the team at the beginning of the regular season due to the adaptation period with the arrival of Damien Lillard. However, New York is having a good season and has every chance of achieving the long-awaited victory in a match against one of the title favorites. Will Knicks fans be able to enjoy Christmas games?

Carmelo criticized Phil Jackson:

Carmelo Anthony criticized legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson

???? 22:30: Denver Nuggets – Golden State Warriors, NBA regular season

Intrigue: whose winning streak will be broken?

The NBA loves to host concept games at Christmas. In this match the two previous league champions will face each other. He also agreed that both teams have impressive winning streaks. Denver has won its last four games, while the Warriors have won five. California’s streak is particularly surprising as the team appears to have adjusted to Draymond Green’s suspension. Who will be stronger?

Does the Golden State need green?

Golden State started winning after Green was suspended. Is Curry better off without it?



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