Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Reuters reported in a report that on Thursday (June 6), US President Joe Biden proposed a three-phase ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to the UN Security Council. Referring to this proposal as an Israeli initiative, Biden wants the support of the member countries for it.

Algeria, the only Arab member of the UN Security Council, is also unwilling to support the proposal, diplomats said.

There are 15 member states of the Security Council. There are 5 permanent states with veto power. These countries are USA, UK, France, Russia and China.

A maximum vote of 9 member states is required for any resolution to be passed in the Council. However, a proposal cannot be implemented if a permanent member of the Council vetoes it despite the majority of member states voting for it.

Biden’s proposed plan received 9 votes after it was introduced to the Security Council. However, the vetoes between the council’s permanent member states Russia and China. Therefore, this proposal will no longer be effective.

The US proposal calls for a full ceasefire in the Gaza Strip as a first step. The second step requires the warring parties to put a permanent end to their hostilities.

Diplomats say some Security Council member states, including China and Russia, have expressed concern over the proposal. They also questioned whether Israel actually accepted the proposal. Russia has offered to revise the US plan.



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