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Mercadona is the supermarket chain that offers the greatest variety of nougats for Christmas, renewing its flavors and combinations every year. In addition to custard with cookies, pistachio, fried peanuts with honey or Catalan cream, the supermarket has added up to nine new combinations in 2023 to tempt the palates. The price of Hacendado nougat is mostly 1.90 euros, although some have a high price.

Antiu Xixona, one of the main Spanish manufacturers of Christmas products, is in charge of manufacturing Mercadona’s white label nougat. This year, as a novelty, the name of the Alicante company will appear instead of Hacendado.

Experts recommend consuming these typical holiday sweets in moderation, since more than 50% of these products are sugar. This is the selection of the nougats that are most successful among consumers:

Carrot nougat cake

Carrot Cake, that is, carrot cake. It is made with a white chocolate coating and a cream cheese powder filling. In addition, they add candied carrots that add flavor. It has a grainy texture and is quite creamy.

Banofee flavor, the surprise of the year, for Mercadona nougat

Among those that have surprised the most is Banofee’s, it imitates the English cake made of bananas, cream and toffee, combined well with a base of cookies and butter. In this case, Mercadona has achieved a quite successful flavor with the milk chocolate coating, a filling of caramel cream, cookie and banana.

Tiramisu, a nougat for coffee lovers

Tiramisu nougat is made with mascarpone, coffee and cocoa. This is how Mercadona tries to imitate the flavor of the traditional cold Italian dessert. And the truth is that it is a recipe for coffee lovers, since it is the flavor that predominates in this nougat above the rest.

The success of peanut butter

Peanut butter is one of Mercadona’s great successes in recent years. Well, they have already launched Cream Peanut nougat on the market. It has a milk chocolate coating and the filling is cream and peanut butter. On the palate, the texture is creamy and the flavor is not as intense as the aforementioned peanut butter.

The novelty of liqueur cream nougat

One of the products that was successful at Mercadona last Christmas was the alcoholic nougat cream drink. And for 2023, the supermarket has turned it around and has debuted the liqueur cream nougat. They have made it with a white chocolate coating and a milk and whiskey cream filling, although the color is more similar to that of Baileys. It gives off an intense smell as soon as you open it and its interior is quite creamy.

Mousse with almonds for chocolate lovers

This is Mercadona’s nougat in 2023 designed for chocolate lovers. The flavor is the most intense of all and inside are whole almonds. The inside is creamy because of the mousse, but not too cloying.

Baked apple

The flavor of this nougat, as its name indicates, is that of a roasted apple fresh from the oven. It is quite sweet, with a white chocolate coating. It has pieces of fruit and is quite intense.

Cream Nuts

This nougat is the most expensive of all the new ones, since it costs 2.60 euros, that is, 70 cents more than the previous ones. A classic, with a powerful flavor and a texture that reminds us of marzipan. It has a good amount of nuts.


It is designed for the little ones in the house and has Christmas drawings on the cover. It is not from Hacendado, but is sold under the Antiu Xixona brand. This one is cheaper, it costs 1.50 euros. It is the typical milk chocolate nougat to which they have added imitation diskitos, which are one of the Lacasitos.



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