Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

According to the IAEA report, the amount of enriched uranium that Iran has is at least 30 times more than the amount stipulated in the agreement reached in 2015 with Tehran and world powers. Iran currently has 142.1 kg of uranium enriched to 60 percent, 20 kg more than it had last February.

Rafael Grossi, the director of the IAEA and head of the UN watchdog, said last month that Iran has enough enriched uranium. If Iran wants to use this uranium, it can make several nuclear bombs. He told Sky News in April that the level of inspection we need is not being carried out in Iran.

Iranian officials have also warned that they can develop nuclear bombs if necessary. However, Iran has always maintained that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. The two sides have yet to reach a consensus on a 2023 agreement between the United Nations and Iran to extend inspections of Iran’s nuclear program.

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According to Monday’s report, Iran has not yet reconsidered its decision to prevent IAEA officials from inspecting its nuclear facilities. The IAEA expects Iran to reconsider that through ongoing bilateral talks.

The IAEA chief met with Iranian officials this month to improve relations. However, after President Raisi’s death in a helicopter crash, those talks also stalled. He urged Iran’s new government to continue negotiations.

Tensions between the IAEA and Iran began after former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from Tehran’s nuclear talks with world powers in 2018.



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