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Date: December 25, 2023 Time: 06:38:21

If Asuka Langley stands out in any way, it is, of course, because she is a strong female character in Neon Genesis Evangelion: and it’s all thanks to her unwavering determination, bravery and emotional complexity. Despite her youth, Asuka is presented as a highly competent and confident EVA pilot, challenging gender stereotypes and taking on roles traditionally associated with male protagonists in mecha stories. His strength lies not only in his fighting skills, but also in his ability to face his own fears and vulnerabilities. It’s for these reasons that we were fascinated by the following fan art, which shows us the pilot as an adorable young girl who loves Christmas.

Image: @OcramStudio (X)

In this adorable fan art from X @OcramStudio, Asuka Langley Soryu, our favorite tsundere, tries on a customized and festive version of the Santa Claus costume. She wears a beautiful low-cut dress that retains the iconic colors of the season, pairing bright red and soft white while staying true to Hideaki Anno’s character design.

The dress exudes Asuka’s elegance and style, combining the essence of a Christmas outfit with her unique personality. With her captivating gaze directed at the viewer, Asuka adds charm and playfulness to the scene. In the background, a soft combination of blue and white creates a festive atmosphere, evoking the magic and serenity associated with the Christmas season. Of course, this fan art manages to capture Asuka’s festive spirit in a unique and captivating way, so we’re sure it will please all fans of the series.


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