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Bagov defeated Reznikov in the main battle. The judge had to literally save Artyom.

Sergey Sorokin December 24, 2023, 23:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Ali completely dominated both standing and on the ground.

On December 24, the ACA 168 tournament takes place, delighting all fans of mixed martial arts with fierce fights. Ali Bagov and Artyom Reznikov competed in the main event of the night. Both were determined only to win, as the fight took place in the Lightweight Grand Prix. The rivals had long wanted to meet in the octagon and finally had the opportunity. It is worth noting that the fight met even the wildest expectations and turned out to be truly exciting and interesting.

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ACA 168: the tournament is in full swing! Bagov defeated Reznikov. LIVE

From the beginning of the match, the opponents decided not to fight standing and switched to wrestling. And there the initiative literally passed from hand to hand. At first it was owned by Bagov, from whom such actions were expected. But then Reznikov took a comfortable position and began to dominate completely. Frankly, this situation made Ali very angry; He tried to appeal to the judge several times, but never received a response. As a result, Artyom continued to increase his lead and calmly took the first round.

In the second five minutes, Bagov re-entered the fight and quickly took the back. And he started literally dragging his opponent around the cage. I also took the opportunity to kick the legs with my knees. Reznikov tried to escape the control, but it only continued to give his opponent a more comfortable position. Bagov began to achieve success. He got into full mount and began stretching his opponent. Reznikov seemed lost and understood perfectly well that he had to hold on at all costs until the end of the round. And the most important thing: a cut appeared on Artyom’s face, he was literally covered in blood.

Bagov felt that the ending could be achieved here and now, he activated to his maximum and literally defeated his opponent. But what a patient Artyom turned out to be. He just locked himself in on defense and was still able to defend himself. Ali’s dominance continued in the third round. He started to have success and looked great. Bagov worked brilliantly, threw series, did not worry about what was revealed, since the opponent was practically inactive. Reznikov could literally be heard screaming from the missed punches. And yet he was able to survive, even getting up at the end of the round.

But in the fourth round the total beating continued. Ali literally strutted over his opponent. And Reznikov’s problems got worse. Therefore, the judge was very attentive to the possibility of stopping the fight. And he did it at the right time to preserve Artyom’s health. Bagov completed the most important fight with his confident victory.


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