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Averbukh was against the “Child’s Word” in the figure. And he is completely wrong: Valieva proved it.

Valeria Kukaleva December 24, 2023, 17:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

And even earlier, Evgeni Plushenko loved the themes of “ambiguous” films and television series. And not only him!

Demonstrative performances at the Russian Championship are always an intriguing event, and in the era of our team’s exclusion from international competitions, they are doubly so. There is no gala show at the Russian Grand Prix stages, and the national championship is the first opportunity of the season to see all the strongest with the best, and some with new numbers.

The embodiment of trends is always expected from demonstration performances: is it enough to look at last year’s “Wednesday” performed by Kamila Valieva? The carefully thought-out masterpiece was admired even abroad, forgetting about the ban on Russian athletes and the unsolved Kamila doping case.

This year “The Boy’s Word” emerged and the skaters shared tracks. Alexander Gallyamov promised that “everyone should really fall”, so all suspicions fell on him and his partner Anastasia Mishina. And also about Valieva: if she didn’t miss the trend a year ago, why should she disappoint her now? At the press conference, Camila remained mysteriously silent when asked to announce the music for the new number.

And it really turned out to be “Pyala”! The group’s song “AIGEL” went viral and became popular after the series was released. Valieva walked out onto the ice with headphones and stood to the side; There, supposedly, she for a long time did not know what music to skate to. But upon hearing the first sounds of “Pyala,” she took off her headphones and spun around on the ice. It turned out to be easy and magical, although the series “The Boy’s Word” is not at all about these epithets.

The broadcast of the Russian Figure Skating Grand Prix is ​​available on Okko.

Previously, Ilya Averbukh spoke out against the “child’s word” in figure skating.

“For me, this story does not ask to be frozen at all,” the choreographer and director stated categorically in a comment to Match TV. “I think this is a temporary story that has attracted attention.” This is a work topic. Once upon a time there was a movie “The Godfather”, a television series “Brigade”, which also exploded in its time.”

Averbukh’s opinion has the right to exist (of course!) and be respected. But it still seems that he is wrong, and the example of Kamila Valieva demonstrates this perfectly.

Most likely, the noted director of ice routines and entire shows’ harsh narrative was caused by mixed reactions to “The Boy’s Word” due to the plot as a whole. In various spheres, from sports to politics, the opinion was expressed that the series idealizes crime, and even one of the crimes that occurred in Irkutsk was initially explained by its harmful influence.

If you look at it only from this side, it becomes clear why a story like this “does not ask to be frozen.” But Averbukh contradicts himself by mentioning the “Godfather” and the “Brigade.” “The Godfather” is so popular among figure skaters that if it’s not included in the “golden pool” of program music, it’s definitely close. With “The Godfather,” Evgeni Plushenko won the Olympic Games in 2006, and now his son Sasha stars in his new version. “The Godfather” was by Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, and last season by Matvey Vetlugin. Many athletes skated and skated to “Pulp Fiction.”

Evgeni Plushenko sings “The Godfather” at the Olympic Games

Photo: David E. Klutho/Getty Images

And “Gangster Petersburg” is another cult show (although less than “The Godfather”) by Plushenko? In Alexei Mishin’s group, they generally love “mafia” pictures: Evgeny Semenenko even debuted “The City That Doesn’t Exist” at international competitions, and for a long time this program was his calling card. Recently, two Evgeniys skated to “Gangster Petersburg” at Plushenko’s show in honor of his birthday, and it was unforgettable!

None of these speeches, by definition, could mislead the younger generation and push them into illegal actions. The skaters themselves were also not harmed: Trankov and Vetlugin did not become Corleone’s teachers, Plushenko and Semenenko did not start shootouts on the streets of St. Petersburg. Valieva will not gather “youth” groups on the streets of her native Kazan, nor will her fans.

The most memorable performances from Chelyabinsk:


“The word of the child” by Valieva and the fire by Boykova/Kozlovsky. What surprised the skaters at the gala show?

“Pyala”, “The City That Doesn’t Exist”, the soundtrack to “The Godfather” – this is just music that creates interesting numbers for ice performances. Surely next season we will see “Pyala” in competitive programs. It’s not about “The Boy’s Word” and it’s certainly not about crime, it’s about a variety of genres. Isn’t that what the figure lives for?


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