Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Myanmar-based media The Irrawaddy reported in a report that the Arakan Army has completely taken over the town of Buthidong after the removal of the Rakhine State Strategic Military Command.

An Arakan Army statement said on Saturday they captured the remaining junta bases in the city, including light infantry battalions 234, 345 and 352, artillery battalion 378 and a logistics and engineering battalion.

The Irrawaddy reported that the Arakan Army continued to clash with the Junta forces outside the town of Buthidong. The AA also asked local residents to be alert as junta forces flee.

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The insurgent group says it captured the headquarters of four light infantry battalions and two border guard bases in the township this week.

Earlier, on May 2, the Arakan Army captured Operation Command 15 township and captured hundreds of soldiers, including the deputy commander and their family members. Then on May 3 they occupied the Light Infantry Battalion 511 headquarters.

On the other hand, on May 6, the junta forces blew up a main bridge at the entrance to the city. There have also been incidents of bombings targeting civilians, including villages, hospitals, schools and religious sites under the control of the Arakan Army.



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