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“Aquaman 2” is embarrassing to watch: DC superheroes die in agony

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Now all hope lies with the creator of Guardians of the Galaxy.

DC superheroes are the guys who suffer the most in the world. Even famous directors like Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon failed to tell interesting stories about them. It is not surprising that the cinematic universe is being rebooted by James Gunn, the only person who has achieved unequivocal success with DC characters.

Aquaman 2 is the latest film from a bygone era. Did Jason Momoa and Amber Heard manage to send the cinematic universe to a normal ending? Unfortunately not.

“Aquaman 2”: where to watch?

The film is already being shown in foreign theaters, screenings in Russian ones will probably begin in the near future. The online launch is expected to take place in January-February.

The video is available on Kinoman’s YouTube channel. The rights to the video belong to WB.

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Did the film even have a screenwriter?

Aquaman’s plot is so primitive that it’s a little embarrassing to talk about. After the overthrow of his brother, Arthur Curry rules the underwater kingdom and lives happily with his wife and his son. Councilors sometimes say stupid things about the people who live on the land, but who cares what they think?

Everything changes when Black Manta, bent on revenge, finds a magical trident and forms an alliance with the sworn enemy of Atlantis. Manta attacks Arthur’s domain and a serious crisis begins.

black blanket

Photo: WB

If you think the filmmakers have plot twists and interesting details in store, you’re wrong. In fact, the writer puts a couple of pieces on the board and says, “Fight!” This is what the heroes will do, overcoming standard difficulties. “Aquaman 2” confidently proves that Hollywood creators are afraid of neural networks for good reason: ChatGPT will write a similar story in a couple of requests.

The humor matches the plot. Then the baby urinated on Arthur. He’s funny, isn’t he? Then he watches another scene where the baby…wets daddy again!

God, how uncomfortable it is to watch.

Also, the drama built around Aquaman’s relationship with Mera doesn’t work. Filming took place in the middle of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trials, where Jason Momoa supported the latter. It’s no surprise that Momoa and Heard’s interaction seems forced and contrived. The hero runs to the aid of his wounded beloved and seems to suffer, but in response he wants to exclaim: “I don’t believe it!”

It seems that Momoa will no longer be Aquaman

Photo: WB

Two graphic pieces fight to the death.

The only advantage of the film is the cuteness of Atlantis. There really are a lot of creative creations and artistic structures that are fun to look at. The downside is that viewers already admired the underwater worlds in the first part and in the second Black Panther. And the views of Atlantis do not match the beauty of conventional Pandora. As a result, the visual quickly becomes boring.

There’s nothing else to hold on to in Aquaman 2. All the action consists of two people jumping against a green wall and shooting graphics. There’s no creative staging, no interesting techniques, no complicated one-shot shots. I have been tired of seeing so much mediocrity for a long time.

Ride a seahorse

Photo: WB

“Aquaman 2”: is it worth watching?

No! 10 years ago, when superheroes were still gaining momentum, a movie with so much humor, plot, and acting might have worked. But in 2023, Aquaman 2 seems so insignificant and uninteresting that you will want to run out of cinema.

“Aquaman 2”: score – 5 out of 10


Beautiful Atlantis.

I dont like him

Stupid plot Stupid jokes The action is tiring.


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